is a website development and software development company.We develop unique website solutions to increase efficiency and competitive advantage of our clients.
Support is an essential and important part of web development services. We realize this and place special emphasis on providing a wide range of cost effective support options.
  Community Affairs

As a member of the community in which we do business, our goal is to provide support to community organizations and promote community involvement and contribution to improve people's life in Lebanon  and promote positive movements in our global and local communities by using technology.

  Donations to the community

NASACO designed several websites and  donated the latest software and web solutions technology to eligible nonprofit organizations in Lebanon.

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We are firm believer that the company's objectives are achieved through its employee's. We are people with commitment and vision, working in an atmosphere where the employees form the core group to provide the much critical mass required for any organization's growth.
NASACO owes its success to the team work and has a strong belief that a well nurtured team spirit would help attain its vision. NASACO Enterprises has already evolved a strategy of rewarding the team for their success in projects.
NASACO invites you to its unique work culture. We invite you to challenge the norms and see where your ideas can take you. We are firmly committed to your professional growth, personal satisfaction and overall well being. We've built a team of intelligent, dedicated and passionate individuals. We don't just work for a living, we work for a sense of accomplishments resulting "Success sharing" and giving tangible and intangible benefits to all.

Our Culture and Work Environment

At NASACO we develop in our staff the skills and ability to understand customer needs, the drivers involved and capability to address their problems. We work on a team based structure, highly networked and cross functional to produce the best efficient output.

Working with our team we offer challenging yet motivating work environment simulated to bring best of your creativity and innovation. Since we are involved in variety of projects due to our broad client base you will have the opportunity to develop core technological and managerial skills to equip yourself for any assignments. Our carefully structured on job training program supplemented by personal improvement programs like time management, presentation skills will make you a high contributor from the day one you join us.

At NASACO our primary focus is employment in pursuit of excellence. Therefore we are committed as an equal opportunity employer.

If you are enthusiastic, tenacious, ambitious and want a responsible position in a global, growing company, we can offer a lot:

An open and challenging environment in a young, dynamic company.
The opportunity to work in professional teams.
Training to develop professionally and personally.
Competitive compensation with performance based incentives.

If you are a professional with bright experience and considering an invigorating new opportunity,
please contact us and send us a copy of your CV by filling the form below.

Making Your Application Count

  • Ensure your CV is up to date, well organized, logical and easily understood.
  • Include everything relevant but keep it brief. No more than 3 sides.
  • If you are applying for a specific role tailor your CV so that the skills you describe match the requirements closely. 
  • Highlight your job related achievements, if relevant, before briefly outlining your principal job accountabilities. 
  • Take some time to think about your accomplishments e.g. volunteer activities, special projects or assignments, travel and team activities and identify the personal qualities that they brought out in you.    
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